alys2Greetings and welcome to Go Ask Alys! I am a Psychic Intuitive, Alternative Wellness Consultant, a natural-born intuitive reader and an empathic energy healer. I am an Ordained Interfaith Minister, a High Priestess and Insight Analyst. My focus includes life paths, alternative health/wellness issues, addiction coaching, sexual healing and sacred sexuality.

I practice transformative healing working with my guides and guardians from the etheric realm. Connecting with your subtle energy, I channel loving guidance to identify physical and emotional blocks in the areas of love, relationships, finances, career and your life path. My abilities help to enable clearing of negative energies, hidden forces, dysfunctional contracts and relational bonds that no longer serve you or your highest good. I have an innate skill for finding and retrieving the parts of yourself that you may have lost or unknowingly given away.

Offering a lifetime of metaphysical experience I also offer personal mentoring and transformational life-coaching. I love to perform ceremonies and rituals, rites of passage, civil unions, marriages, baptisms and funerals in addition to my ministerial counseling.

Many people suffer from emotional, mental, physical and spiritual pain during their lives. Working with me can result in an empowered, balanced and more grounded state of BEING, enabling one to enjoy a genuine, more authentic existence. Transform your life now, and take back your power for a healthier balanced mind, body and soul. Heal yourself and help heal the world. Go Ask Alys!

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